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sangail cukai hamida
sangail cukai hamida
saranghaeyo kyuhyun oppa
sangail cukai hamida

happy birthday kyuhyun oppa. hope you'll get good things this year

christmas night

it's christmas night. Eventhough I'm not christian but, I like christmas.

it's because I like several christmas songs

(this is my favorite one)

and also

there'll be movies about santa claus

annnndddd, when you go to big malls, you'll see big christmas trees... yeeey
ahh, I want to share several christmas tree pictures

aahh... I like it. christmas trees. they are beautiful aren't they?
well, I'm going to watch disney peterpan. so, see ya

ahh, I'll go outside jakarta tomorrow. 
but my mom and dad haven't decided where. I even haven't packaged my clothes. 
well, it's because we've just decided to go outside jakarta today, 

so, see ya

hikaru's birthday

I missed another birhtday. AGAIN??
let's say exams ruin everything. but still

sangail cukai hamida
sangail cukai hamida
saranghaeyo hikaru
sangail cukai hamida

happy 19th birthday!!! :D

happy birthday

I broke my promise not to play with internet this test period. It's because yesterday was chinen's birthday.

I couldn't posting yesterday because today I've physucks test. sorry, I mean physics test. ahaha. Yesterday I study til my heads of for today's test. but I guess I won't pass the minimum standard score.

well, at all still

Sangail cukai hamida
sangail cukai hamida
saranghaeyo chinen-kun
sangail cukai hamida


silly me


 today I watch chibi maruko chan at school.. 

and I saw her backpack. it's so cute. I've known this randoseru pretty long time ago. But I've just find out that it do really cool today. I want the red one. it's just really expensive. but my friend find a place that sell it in pretty low price. I really want the red one.
but it's look like my friend also want to order this one. I'll take blue or black maybe. but if it's black. I don't want the plain one like this.

I want something added. just like this one

or this one. I love this. It looks good.

my ex-x.5 class

I guess there'll only be one people understand this. eheheheheh..
it's just random post. Oh gosh. this is last year class. I miss them so much. although we had breakfasting event together yesterday. but I don't think that's enough. I want to be in the same class with them. I know that's impossible. I just want it.

I love you all ten five

(she isn't our homeroom teacher. She is our geography teacher)

this is our photos at farewell gathering

gah... Sad, happy, angry, laugh. We share those things together. ANd I hope it will last 'til then.

*I just thought that this things is really random
You know what, I somehow feel that I have a special name.

My name is WIDIARTI. so, every one who knows that name for the first time, must think that my nick name is widy.  but actually. it's wiwied. but that's okay now. I'm too tired to clarify it.

I am tired because:
1. Each time they think name "widy" they must be thinking "widy vierra" 
    Hello??? I'm not her. she is different with me..

2. yeah, I have pretty bad experience that I don't really like to talk about.

3. my friend called me widy because I guess he don't know about my nickname. and since I've been tired to clarify it. I ignore it just that way. And then the other friend of mine started to gossiping.

I like it because:
1. the meaning of the name is so cool. it means "god"

2. I watched "happy song" 2 days ago. And the winner's name is widi.

3. And I like if my friend called me widy actually.

I guess that's useless. aaahh...


 Pretty long time since my last post. Today, I want to post random things. Which I think I don't really need to post.

okay, I want to start it right away.

you know what. When I see this I began to think that siwon's head is big. ehehehe.

if you are an Indonesian, you must have known this news. unbelievable na?
you know what I think? I think that malaysia doesn't have connection with pendet dance nor with bali island.
I mean their country is a moslem country which all we know that moslem need to cover their whole body. and pendet dance from bali island. had hindu influence and the clothes that is used by the dancer is a tube top. it's silly right? when they said it.

look at that? don't you realise it?

3. one is aahh..
can someone tell me hoe to study well? I really need it!!

merah putih

A new movie. You must see this one. Especially for indonesia.
It's on the cinema now. I really want to see it.

here is the trailer

and this is the website

, the first film of the Freedom Trilogy, a three-film co-production by PT Media Desa Indonesia, owned by Hashim Djojohadikusumo, and international film production company Margate House, Ltd., owned by Rob Allyn and Jeremy Stewart. Set against a historically authentic backdrop of Indonesia’s struggle for independence in 1947 during the Van Mook offensive into the heart of republican territory in Central Java, MERAH PUTIH tells the story of a fictional band of freedom fighters who bond together as cadets to survive a massacre, fighting on as guerrilla soldiers to become true children of the nation, despite their sharp conflicts and deep differences in social class, ethnicity, geographic origin, religion and personality."


watch it ^^

Aug. 20th, 2009

I've just found this.
it's kyuhyun and donghae commercial video

"Happy Bubble"